Slash Q&A session, part 2

And now, the 2nd batch of answers to questions for Slash from the Ultimate Guitar forum.
pwnerer: Do you agree with all these ‘Top 100 guitarists of all time’ lists? I mean they systematically exclude guitarists from the jazz and classical genre, only have a handful of blues and folk guitarists, while 95% of the list are guitarists from mainstream, generic rock bands. What are your thoughts on these lists?

SLASH: I donít really pay much attention to them. These lists are more popularity contests than anything.

forsaknazrael: How has your experience with your solo album differed from your solo work in the past (Slash’s Snakepit)?

SLASH: This was more a record that I made on my own from top to bottom without a band or a record company. This record was definitely the 1st time I could do whatever I wanted.

CoreysMonster: What is your opinion of the direction the music industry is going nowadays, with record companies becoming less and less diverse in their chose of new bands signed, due to the fact that record sales have become less and less lucrative?

SLASH: I think the industry as it is stands right now is killing the spirit of commercial music by diminishing the possibilities of musical diversity. We have to come up with a way for new acts to get a fair chance.

Eddy~: What other playing styles and genres you like to venture into when you’re just playing by yourself; ever play Jazz, Metal, Pop, and such?

SLASH: Some Jazz/Blues, Latin, Metal & some other styles I donít have a proper name for.

Duffman123: What other artists would you have wanted to collaborate with on your new album?

SLASH: Steven Tyler, Dave Mustaine.

wizards?: If you had the chance, would you go back to whenever you started and do it all over again at the risk of not becoming famous?

SLASH: I donít think I have a reason to go back & do it all over again, I wouldnít change anything if I did.

TwistedLogic: How did you come up with that Appetite tone? It has a lot of early Zep in it for sure, but it makes me think of Lemmy for some reason. It is just dirty and nasty, and effectively conveys life in the seedy side of town, no offense. So, being gear heads here on UG, how did you do it?

SLASH: My tone has always been the product of what I want to hear, ever since I got my 1st amp. I have a very defined sense of what I do & donít like in a guitarís sound. I just go for what sounds good to me as simply as possible.

SomeoneYouKnew: If you could have mad skills on any other instrument in addition to guitar what instrument would you choose?

SLASH: Violin or Saxophone.

androidred0100: You’re a pretty rocking guy, with a definite, tangible, and highly sculpted image and people obviously see you in a certain light. Do you ever do anything that people would consider “Un-Slash-like”? For example do you listen to world beat music, play the sitar in your spare time or are you a secret Dungeons and Dragons dork? Basically, is there anything that you do that you’ll openly admit to that people just wouldn’t believe to be true?

SLASH: I do have a very nice sitar that I got from India. I never play it though. LOL! I love Disneyland as much as my kids. I watch Spongebob. I love pinball & play it constantly. I TiVo dinosaur programs & hang out in natural history museums in the dinosaur exhibit in every city in every country I visit.

androidred0100: I’ve read your book and it’s pretty apparent that you’ve been through a lot in your life and most average joes would be content to be where you are now for the rest of their lives. And yet you continue moving forwards. What’s next for you? What makes you get up in the morning and say “Man, I can’t wait to get started!”?

SLASH: Iím always trying to progress in what I do. I want to play all the time & hopefully get better at it. If I rest now thatís as far as I will have gotten. Plus, I love what I do more & more as time progresses.

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