Perla talks about life with Slash

You are married to one of the world’s most recognizable Guitar players, the top hatted one & Guitar hero Slash! Tell us what that is like?

What’s it like being married to your husband? It’s the same as being married to Slash in that respect as he is my husband (and yes its not normal to most, but it is my normal.) the catch is, I have to share him with the world and this can get taxing sometimes for me.

Do you enjoy going on tour with Slash & your boys?

I enjoy Anytime as a family together. Traveling can get hard sometimes as we can go from airport to venue to hotel to airport all within 24 hours. But Im not complaining. I love my family and I go to great extremes to keep us all together! We have to coordinate days off from school and the kids are really good at doing their homework on the road. Ok, so sometimes we have to make them but they are pretty good about it. As you all know, going through the airport with kids can be a pain (if you haven’t done it yourself im sure you’ve seen families at the airport!) My kids are amazing! Cash is in charge of everyone’s shoes, and London is in charge of putting out trays for everyone and Foxy (our dog) when she travels with us. Slash is always off getting patted down as he cant go through metal detectors because of the device implanted in his heart. So Im on my own. Sometimes my cousin, or Slash’s security or when I’m lucky the nanny is with us but not always! They are really good boys at airports, restaurants, shows, basically anything adult oriented. Its regular kids stuff that they go crazy at. You should hear them running around this house right now! Hey, heres London, complaining about having to practice his guitar…
Check out the full interview here.

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