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25 Things You Didn’t Know About Slash

1. The first instrument I ever played was the drums. I was the little drummer boy in a school production of 12 days of Christmas in Stoke-on-Trent, England, when I was five years old. 2. I watch SpongeBob SquarePants. 3. I’m a cat lover. 4. I’m an avid dinosaur and pinball machine collector. I’m a […]

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Slasher Films

Slash talks to Entertainment Weekly about his new venture, Slasher Films. EW: Where did the idea come from to get into producing horror movies? Slash: It sort of fell in my lap. Rob Eric from Scout Productions is a friend of my wife, and one night we stayed up all night talking about horror movies. […]

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New update

Slash discusses going solo, Ozzy tour, making horror movies and “heavier” Velvet Revolver with Artist Direct. AD: Is there a ’70s vibe to your solo album? You pull in artists from pop, metal, hip hop, and rock. Do you come back to that era where there were no musical boundaries? Slash: hadn’t really thought about […]

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Hey UK Fans

Check out the following links to find information on upcoming interviews with Slash. : Slash on MTV ëGonzoí w/Alexa Chung airing Friday Nov 19 @ 7pm on MTV ROCKS & 9pm on MTV 1 : Slash on BBC Radio 2 ëSteve Wright Showí airing Tuesday Nov 23 between 2pm ñ 5pm : […]

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Watch Slash’s CNN International Interview on Les Paul

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Slash Q&A session, part 2

And now, the 2nd batch of answers to questions for Slash from the Ultimate Guitar forum. pwnerer: Do you agree with all these ‘Top 100 guitarists of all time’ lists? I mean they systematically exclude guitarists from the jazz and classical genre, only have a handful of blues and folk guitarists, while 95% of the […]

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Slash on The Bob and Tom Show

Slash appeared today on the syndicated radio show, The Bob and Tom show. In addition to hearing it on the radio, the TV portion of the show will air tomorrow at 11PM PT/2AM ET. Click here to find your local channel.

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Slash Q&A session, part 1

A few weeks ago, Slash took to the Ultimate Guitar forums to field your questions. Here’s the first batch of answers: FrustratedRocka: What are some practice exercises you’d recommend to improve technique? Also, Sweet Child o’ Mine was the first song I ever played live. Is it true that you’ve always disliked that riff? SLASH: […]

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Q&As to come

Hey, what’s happening? I’m going to start posting answers to your online questions next week. The were a lot of questions so the answers will be spread out over the coming weeks. Iiiii|; ),

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Slash on The Ellen Degeneres Show Today

Slash will be appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show today, Tuesday, May 11th on NBC. He will be performing the song “Gotten” with Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Check your local listings for times.

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